Fixing your car…with pink

I’m all for making fixing your car fun, but this is a bit nutty. I mean, does this company really think that slapping some pink on tools will make women want them more?
My new favorite tech and product blog Popgadget hits the nail on the head:

They look more like ‘Barbie does tools’ than anything that you would want to seriously whip out in case of a car emergency. If you got caught using one of these things in public, wouldn’t you be somewhat embarrassed?

But hey, if you really like pink go for it I guess. Just don’t be surprised when someone laughs at the cutesy bag for the jumper cables.

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  • LAmom

    One possible advantage that I can think of is that it would be evident to passersby that these are really your own tools and you’re not some clueless female who’s trying to figure out what to do with the old man’s tools when he’s not there to rescue you. KWIM?

  • Dr. Brazen Hussy

    Is that really a mirror in the toolbox (see popgadget link)??!!?? Oh. my. god.

  • thebewilderness

    This is the most effective anti theft device ever! Boythings would never be caught with a pink tool in their hand. After a burgler took half my power tools I painted the remainder pink. The men in the family no longer ask to borrow them. If you want to find your hammer or screw driver in the drawer where it belongs when you go to use it..paint it pink!

  • yellownumber5

    Screw the Barbie-scoffers. The reaction I’m seeing here is that pink = girl = useless. No better opportunity to prove that wrong than this.

  • rufus.t.firefly

    “Barbie does tools”…LOL!