78 percent of podcast listeners are men

A new survey by Podtrac says that 78 percent of people who have ever listened to a podcast are men. But women aren’t far behind–the 12 percent of women who had listened to podcasts were more likely to have listened to them recently.
Podtrac CEO Mark McCrery says “the fact that so many women who have listened to podcasts have done so recently signals the beginning of a trend toward a more balanced gender composition of the podcast audience. It’s also reflective of the ever-increasing variety of podcast content with broadening appeal.”

Another recent study
released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says that women are using the internet more than men, particularly young women.

The report, “How Women and Men Use the Internet,” examined use by both sexes, looking at what men and women are doing online as well as their rate of adopting new Web-based technologies.
“I think the real interesting story is the young women, because that is the one age cohort where there are many more women online,” said Deborah Fallows, who wrote the report based on findings from surveys conducted over the past five years. “The younger women are just much more comfortable with the Internet.”

The study reports that 86 percent of women 18-29 years-old use the internet, compared to 80 percent of men the same age.
I have to admit, I don’t listen to podcasts more than a couple of times a month. Anyone know any good podcasts dealing with women’s and gender issues? (Besides the much-missed Sex Talk, of course. Sigh.)

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