Men’s life expectancy catching up to women’s

Women still live an average of four years longer than men, but it seems the boys are catching up. Or is that women are becoming more unhealthy?

Medical experts say women are working harder, smoking more and undergoing more stress, which leads to the No. 1 killer — heart disease.
“We are getting equality in ways we may not want,” said Dr. Sharon Brangman, a board member of the American Geriatrics Society.
…over the last 10 years, the average annual rate of improvement for men has been 2 percent; for women, it’s slightly less than 1 percent, the index shows.
For the 22 years covered by the index, the expected average lifetime for men has gone up by 3.7 years; women’s climbed only 1.7 years.

So quit smoking and get your ass to a yoga class or something, ladies.

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