Fox news teaser totally sucks

Charlotte’s Fox Channel 18 accomplished quite a feat recently when they created a news teaser that combined the shame of abstinence-only education with the visuals of porn.

The 20-second promo for the 10 p.m. newscast showed a teenage couple and said:
“These local kids found God. They pledged abstinence. But now they’re getting on their knees. And it definitely isn’t to pray. … They found a loophole in chastity. Don’t worry about your kids’ virginity. Worry about their oral fixation.”
And with that, the screen showed a woman, her eyes obscured, licking a red, white and blue ice pop.

I’ll suppress my urge to make a Mr. Softee joke. Outside of the promo’s obvious ick factor, why is it that oral sex means girls sucking dick? It’s already been shown that teens who have oral sex are doing it in a fairly reciprocal fashion. I guess when it comes to teen sex scare tactics, it’s all about the ladies.

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