Fox news teaser totally sucks

Charlotte’s Fox Channel 18 accomplished quite a feat recently when they created a news teaser that combined the shame of abstinence-only education with the visuals of porn.

The 20-second promo for the 10 p.m. newscast showed a teenage couple and said:
“These local kids found God. They pledged abstinence. But now they’re getting on their knees. And it definitely isn’t to pray. … They found a loophole in chastity. Don’t worry about your kids’ virginity. Worry about their oral fixation.”
And with that, the screen showed a woman, her eyes obscured, licking a red, white and blue ice pop.

I’ll suppress my urge to make a Mr. Softee joke. Outside of the promo’s obvious ick factor, why is it that oral sex means girls sucking dick? It’s already been shown that teens who have oral sex are doing it in a fairly reciprocal fashion. I guess when it comes to teen sex scare tactics, it’s all about the ladies.

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  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    I think it is more a matter of what is visually easy to communicate without being explicit. we have all sucked a lollypop or popcicle and we all know when we do it we look like we are sucking dick. on the other hand, what innocent act resembles licking beaver in such a way that is is easy to identify, where everyone will go “aha” and get the joke? maybe there is one i don’t know. but,while i see your point i think you are drawing a false conclusion. one would have to see the report to see if it was biased towards cocksucking.

  • Zed

    I need to go ice cream shopping to see if it’s still sold, but there used to be a huge cylindrical ice cream sandwich called a mud pie, and if you alternated the ice pop with a guy gently licking up the center ice cream part of the mud pie between the crusts, I think the point would be made.
    And now I’m hungry.

  • Leyan

    Are the consequences reciprocal, though? Specifically, is it easier to contract STIs from performing oral sex on a man than on a woman? If it is, then I think there should be greater concern about this trend among girls than among guys.
    (And yes, I’m being heteronormative. Sorry.)

  • Kelz

    With oral sex its basically same risk for both partners, unless she holds the semen in her mouth for an extended period of time.
    Very very very small percentages of STI’s are attributed to oral sex and only like 1 case of HIV has been suspected to be linked to oral sex (and they doubt that it really was from oral)
    So basically, no one is at mroe risk. Both are at equal risk.
    50% of herpes in men AND women is from the oral herpes variant.

  • debbielj

    In fact, the recent study on teen sexuality that was heralded as evidence that girls are gaining sexual parity because an almost equal number have received oral sex doesn’t actually make such a claim. A closer look reveals that participants were asked if they had experienced oral sex- but not how often they gave and how often they received. I suspect that if THAT question had been asked, it would be primarily girls that are giving and primarily boys that are receiving. Participants were also not asked about WHY they engage in these sexual behaviours- I would be very interested to hear more from the girls in particular about whether giving oral sex is always a completely voluntary choice. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving it almost as much as receiving it, and if girls really want to give boys oral sex often with very little in return (completely voluntarily, on their own initiative, with no direct pressure from the boy and no indirect pressure from their peer group) then they are free to do so. But if we’re talking about gender parity from a social point of view and if we are talking about protecting women from STDs and exploitative sex from a public health point of view, then we have to know if there is a gender disparity in giving/receiving oral sex and why. Of course, it is also very possible that the focus on girls and oral sex and is simply part of the usual sexual double standard which polices girls’ sexual behaviour and admonishes girls to be careful/chaste and omits boys’ sexual behaviour and their responsibility/accountability for it.

  • kcb

    Apologies if this posts twice.
    I used to work in TV news, and I’m pretty sure that the luridness of the promo has to do with the fact that it’s November, a sweeps month that helps determine ratings and ad rates. The Observer article made a fleeting mention of that far down in their story.
    November was traditionally the month when our crews, at the urging of our skeevy news director, did hidden-camera, barely digitized “exposes” on local strip clubs and massage parlors and promoted those stories heavily. It was all about getting dudes to leave their sets on after the game in hopes of seeing something naughty, which I think may explain the girl-on-dessert action in the promo above. And people ask me why I got out of the industry…

  • Josh Jasper

    What would we use to represent cunnilingus as a graphic image? Anything funny I can think of would probably be misinterpreted as sexist, which isn’t my intent.
    Oh, and as a matter of course, I like giving far more than I like recieving. Even when I was in high-school.
    I don’t know why more boys don’t enjoy the idea of a sex partner enjoying herself. Most locker room talk is about ‘nailing’ someone, not about how wonderful they felt, or how much they enjoyed it.
    I keep wondering what the world would be like if that was promoted as a goal – Having a willing partner who you didn’t coerce into sex, who enjoyed it, was kept safe from STDs, and felt respected.

  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    Jasper, I am sorry but anyone who likes givin it more than recieving is just sad.

  • puckalish

    yeah, jones, i feel the same way about just about everything… it’s so much better to take than to give… i don’t understand why someone would enjoy giving someone else pleasure… it’s just sad…

  • Jami

    i look forward to fox news’ next teaser, featuring a hot young man eating a peach.

  • Elayne Riggs

    “What would we use to represent cunnilingus as a graphic image?” That’s the first thing I thought as well. A guy licking out the cream from an eclair or something? But an eclair is still phallic, isn’t it?

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