My internet is rebelling against me today, so I’ll happily point folks in the direction of these recent must-reads:
Rebecca “Smartypants” Traister points out the strange misogynist response to Dowd’s book on Amazon. I think Mr. John F. Ross really needs to meet Vox Day for some bosom buddy woman-bashing.
After a bit of a mailing list scuffle where Ampersand called Cathy Young an “anti-feminist” (and I think rightly so), he explores the meaning of the term.
Jill at Feministe wades into the scummy waters of guys who think rape is some sort of figment of women’s imagination.
Amanda breaks down the elusive nature of the Strawfeminist.
Media Girl tells it like it is (and it ain’t pretty) on the Global Gag Rule and the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

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