Teen People pulls story on racist twin duo Prussian Blue

Goodness. Apparently Teen People was planning on running an article on Prussian Blue, the scary twins that sing about “white pride” and crushing on Hitler.

Teen People nixed a story about Hitler-loving teenybopper twins Prussian Blue – amid outrage that the glossy had promised to avoid the words “hate,” “supremacist” and “Nazi” in its piece on the racist singing sisters.
A Web-based teaser for the February story originally called the hatemongering duo “aspiring musicians” and compared them to wide-eyed sensations Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Cause I’m sure the Olsens sit around playing a video game called “Ethnic Cleansing” and calling people who aren’t white “muds.”
Via Broadsheet.

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  • Avalon

    Why would a magazine like People/Teen People even give them the time of day? *shakes head* I’m glad they never ran the article, but the fact that they were willing to broadcast these girls to a wider audience is disheartening.
    I look at them and mourn for such misguided and twisted potential.

  • http://tprice.blazemail.com TPrice

    You should read the outlandish things some Republican blogs said about this subject. They actually were talking about how the Nazi twins were “cuter” than the Olsen twins. Forget racial hate mongering. It’s more important to talk about which twins are “cuter?”

  • tfreridge

    whats really scary about these two, is how non-offensive they seem at first….but then evil rarely appears in its true form, does it?

  • Kelz

    I don’t know why everyone is so shocked.
    Hello. Hittler youth!

  • me

    These children are stoopid realli realli. Whats the matter, its just a skin colour so jus get over yourselfz. Coz ur all up in everyones grillz sayin nigger this nigger that but u fuckin people will never get ure point through cos ure not ever going to be famous and well known, jus 4 your stoopid-ness. Black artists will keep on livin and being famous and livin there dream whilst you’ll jus be noowhere with ur perthetic family and dresten.so PUT THAT IN UR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!

  • Whitey is Pist

    If they were black you’d call it “Black pride” So this just show how hyprocritical negroes are.

  • dark soldier

    picking on little girls shame shame shame.calling little girls stupid when you cant spell for shit look at history all major people in history are white!.and you can agree with hittler of a weaker bloodline if you only talked to a lebonese person.

  • http://www.fsdfsdfsdf.com Kevin

    gfd gfdfgdfg dfgf

  • Jean jones

    I think they’re cute, I mean stupid and misguided and I can see them having very sad lives when they grow up. But at the end of the day they are just kids.

  • Jean jones

    I think they’re cute, I mean stupid and misguided and I can see them having very sad lives when they grow up. But at the end of the day they are just kids.

  • Anonymouss

    The case about these nazi-twins shows how f***** the american lawsystem is. It’s terrific!

  • sej


  • Frenchwoman

    Charges of the Serbian authorities in ethnic cleanings after the beginning of armed conflicts between forces of the law and order and groups of Kosovan separatists became an official occasion to operation «Merciful angel».

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