Group wants to fly aborted fetus pics above Hawaii


An anti-abortion group has renewed its effort to fly pictures of aborted fetuses over crowded Oahu beaches.
An attorney for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform has told federal appeals court judges that Honolulu’s ban on aerial advertising illegally censors the group’s most effective way to advocate its message.
Robert Muise says the explicit images can’t be replaced by other forms of advertisement.
The group already drives trucks around town with giant photos of first-term aborted fetuses.

All of a sudden, Hawaii doesn’t seem like such a great vacation spot. Ugh.

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  • yellownumber5

    It seems like this kind of campaign would backfire.
    “Yuck! That’s what’s inside me? Getitoutgetitoutgetitoutgetitout!”
    Seriously, pro-lifers, stick to pictures of adorable babies. Pictures of bloody hunks of flesh don’t make me want to have children.

  • racya

    And I suppose it’s th estate that has to clean that crap up off thebeach later. Have these people heard, littering is illegal. The state shouldn’t have to clean that crap up off the beach no matter what the groups message is.

  • guppiegirl

    I wonder what would happen if I drove around town in a truck with gory images of wounded and dead US and Iraqi soldiers, civilians and dead insurgents plastered to the side?

  • The Editrix

    Yikes and Ugh indeed! Yes, those pictures are not nice. Neither is it to kill the unborn. All legal matters concerning abortion aside, there is a lot of room for debating, I am appaled at the flippancy, no… callousness, of WOMEN discussing such an important and sensitive matter.

  • yellownumber5

    Are you mad that I made a joke, or that I am pro-choice? Because, really, the idea of flying giant pictures of aborted fetuses around in the air so everyone can look at them – it’s absurd. It’s pretty difficult not to make a joke about it.

  • No Blood for Hubris

    Government-forced maternity is a serious matter, ladies.
    How would the pro-birthers feel if they were made to view all the pictures of unwanted, battered to death children?

  • Mark Temporis

    Actually, the push is mostly because Hawaii is one of the most firmly pro-choice states in the nation. Even our Republicans are mainly pro-choice.
    We don’t allow billboards either, probably under the same statute.

  • Flamio Forelli

    I for example the ardent opponent of abortions, but also am unequivocal against their interdiction.