Happy Birthday, Jessica…

Although I’m currently struggling with the Halloween hangover of hell, I had to take the opportunity to give a shout out to Jessica on her birthday. As her tortured little sister, I’ve never been surprised she was born so close to the holiday o’ horror. (Seriously–just check out her demon eyes.)
She’ll probably be pissed at me for this, but I had to return the favor after my own special day not long ago.
Happy birthday, Jess!

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  • http://21stcenturymom.blogspot.com/ 21stCenturyMom

    Gosh – you girls are so pretty. You don’t look like feminists. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….
    Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday!

  • http://hugoboy.typepad.com Hugo Schwyzer

    Happy Birthday, Scorpio gal…

  • Jessica

    many thanks…i feel oldish now. found my first grey hairs this year. woo hoo!