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Women having babies single.

TweetAccording to this study, teenage pregnancy has gone done by 50% in the the last 25 years, but women in their 20′s seem to be giving birth out of wedlock more frequently. Perhaps the oppressive nature of being in wedlock for many women is losing its appeal. A record number of babies — nearly 1.5 [...]
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Controversial lady sex bloggers in China.

TweetOooh, this good! Bloggers such as Liu Man Yin aka Lost Sparrow, are breaking and shaking cultural taboos about talking sex in the public sphere with their openly so so sexual blogs. Liu’s outspoken posts about sex include a “bedside encyclopedia” of love-making noises, broken down by the type of response it can elicit from [...]
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What a dick.

TweetAnd that’s an understatement. It looks like Jean Van de Velde, who lost the British Open in 1999, is apparently upset about the decision by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R &A) to allow women to qualify for the Open. In retaliation to this preposterous idea that women should be allowed to play with [...]
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YWTF launches website.

TweetCheck out the Younger Women’s Task Force’s (YWTF) new website, which was recently launched in their efforts to organize and advance the rights of younger women. Sounds like our kind of ladies! A while back, Jessica posted on her and Lauryn’s visit to one of their meetings in D.C. Since then, this project of the [...]
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You gotta love this.

TweetWendy Wright of our favorite anti-feminist group, Concerned Women of America (CWA), recently stated that there is a link between the higher rate in incarcerated women and the feminist agenda; in other words, we caused the shit. While we’ve known that the number of women in prison has been increasing for quite some time, Wright [...]
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