Wage gap? What wage gap?

On Friday the Senate passed an amendment that would require the Bureau of Labor Statistics to continue gathering data on female workers.
In August, the bureau removed questions about working women from its monthly survey of payroll and employment data. A brilliant move. If the government doesn’t collect data about women’s earnings, we can’t compare them to men’s. That makes it all too easy for conservatives to say “What wage gap?” Without the numbers, it’s pretty difficult for us to make the case that an earnings gap exists, let alone talk about ways to remedy it. So here’s hoping the amendment makes it out of conference.
For more info see the National Council for Research on Women’s report, Missing: Information About Women’s Lives.
Thanks to Gwen for the heads up.

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  • Scarbo

    Yeah, I’m pretty upset, too!
    After all this time, I STILL want to see the data that shows a female chemical engineer makes 76% of a what a male chemical engineer makes, or a female carpenter makes 76% of what a male carpenter makes, normalizing for experience, location, work tasks, etc.
    All I’ve ever seen is that the median woman’s salary is 76% of the median men’s salary, and as we all know, you can’t really tell squat from that stupid “fact”.