Kenyan domestic violence stats.

Sexual violence is increasingly prevalent in Kenya and police statistics show that more than 2,800 cases of rape were reported in 2004 – an increase of close to 500 compared to the previous year.
Domestic violence is also a serious problem in the East African nation. A demographic health survey carried out by the Ministry of Planning in 2003 revealed that at least half of all Kenyan women had experienced violence since the age of 15, with close family members among the perpetrators.

And these are only instances that are reported.

Women who have been sexually or domestically abused are often too scared by the stigma attached to the crime to tell their families, let alone report their attacks to the relevant authorities.
“Stigma is such a big issue in many cultures. Women and girls blame themselves and fear that they will be ostracised from society if they admit to being raped, and they often are outcasts if they do so,” Njogu said.

There has been some work towards helping this situation. In the spring the government passed the Sexual Offences Bill that will seek to reform existing laws. They have also opened a battered women’s shelter in Nairobi.
One shelter!

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