Controversial lady sex bloggers in China.

Oooh, this good! Bloggers such as Liu Man Yin aka Lost Sparrow, are breaking and shaking cultural taboos about talking sex in the public sphere with their openly so so sexual blogs.

Liu’s outspoken posts about sex include a “bedside encyclopedia” of love-making noises, broken down by the type of response it can elicit from your lover, and by geographical regions in China — that is, how pillow-talk may sound in regional dialect or slang. She talks openly about masturbation (“I have no worldly possession, except for two vibrators”) and muses about why men are afraid to say “I love you.”

Am loving it!

Liu is the latest of a string of Chinese women bloggers who have become famous, some even worldwide. They talk about sex and relationships openly, changing the dialogue between the sexes. In a culture where sexual attitudes are still repressive, the racy details shared by the women bloggers are thrusting them into the spotlight, despite China’s most recent crackdown on the Internet news media.

Women talking freely about sex is still taboo in most places, not just in China, and quite frankly sex talk is still for the most part dominated by patriarchal norms (read by and for dude-bros) and hetero-normative (read straight sex only!). Blogs have created quite a bit of space for women to talk amongst women (and others) about sexuality. Despite this, quite a bit of animosity exists within many of these discussions towards women’s open and honest discussions on sex. (All of us repeatedly comment spammed feminist bloggers know this very very well!)
Anyway, this is rad. My favorite line…

“Nowadays, if you’re on a date with a Chinese man, the first thing that comes out of his mouth would be, ‘You’re not going to blog about me, are you?'” she says.


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