You gotta love this.

Wendy Wright of our favorite anti-feminist group, Concerned Women of America (CWA), recently stated that there is a link between the higher rate in incarcerated women and the feminist agenda; in other words, we caused the shit.
While we’ve known that the number of women in prison has been increasing for quite some time, Wright claims that we’re leading American women away from the family and into lives o’ crime. After all, what else would we do with ourselves without men and babies?
She says that feminist ideology’s “radical individualism” tells women they shouldn’t be dependent on others, leading them to illegal activities “where they’re forced to fend for themselves.” I thought that was pretty funny considering the fact we’ve posted before on how Marc Mauer from The Sentencing Project blames this increase of incarceration on dependence itself:
“it coincides exactly with the inception of the war on drugs…It represents a sort of vicious cycle of women engaged in drug abuse and often connected with financial or psychological dependence with a boyfriend.”

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  • racya

    Notice while she cites an increase in the number of women in prison, compares to an increase inthe number of men in prison, she never mentions any comparison to the total number of men and women in prison. Things may have changed, but there are still a lot more men in prison than women. I suppose by this screwed up logic she could blame the rise in african americans in prison on the civil rights movement, even though the total nember of people of any color or sex in prison has increased.

  • 21stCenturyMom

    1 for Marc, 0 for Wendy.
    Here’s a frightening story of a woman in prison because of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the murderer, she was the accomplice, he turned state’s witness and got 4 years, she got 30. She was 16 at the time.

  • 21stCenturyMom

    oops – I forgot one part.
    There are more women in prison because our judicial system has become increasingly misogynistic as women have asserted their right to some independence. Sort of a “you want equality, take that, bitch!” attitude. See this