Monthly Archives: September 2005

NOW condemns Robert’s confirmation.

TweetFuckers. Only 22 senators had the courage to stand up for women’s rights when it mattered. NOW applauds those senators who voted to reject this dangerous nominee, and it is unfortunate that the courageous actions of a few are overshadowed by the fall-in-line politics of so many more. I guess I am finding myself banging [...]
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Married women not having sex

TweetThis does not suprise me at all. Not to be anti-marriage girl today or anything (even though I am pretty anti-marriage), I found this study to be interesting. Married women are more likely to have sexual problems than married men or single women, research suggests. Researchers from University College London analysed data from a survey [...]
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Women in Mauritania force fed for marriage

TweetHere our “modern brides” starve themselves to fit into their wedding dresses. In this particular instance, women are being forced to overeat to fit into a beauty image that demands a larger woman. The traditions of the desert are very much alive in Mauritania, an Islamic republic on the western edge of the Sahara whose [...]
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Things we can learn…

Tweetfrom single mothers and their views on marriage. via Washington Post… Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas’s new book, “Promises I Can Keep,” explains — in their subjects’ own words — why so many poor women opt for single motherhood. It’s not that they don’t believe in marriage, or don’t want it for themselves. They “delay” [...]
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Women get agro when drunk?

TweetOkay yeah, so when a woman gets drunk and she is sexually assaulted, it is the drunk woman’s fault. Get the fuck out. via BBC… Are young women putting themselves in danger through binge drinking? A large proportion of young women are at personal risk after getting drunk, a report by the Portman Group says. [...]
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