Pakistani women demonstrate against president

Hundreds of Pakistani women marched recently, protesting the president’s recent remarks about rape victims.

Protesters carried banners and placards and heard speeches denouncing Pervez Musharraf’s comments, made in the US.
…In Islamabad, human rights activist Hina Jillani told the crowds that the president’s remarks were an insult to women, and called for an “unqualified apology” from Mr Musharraf.
The rally, held close to the presidential palace and Pakistan’s parliament, was organised by the Joint Action Committee, a grouping of womens’ groups and human rights activists.
…Many Pakistani women routinely face abuse and rape in a male-dominated society.
Incidents of violent rape have caused outrage in recent years, with victims like Mukhtaran Mai and Dr Shazia Khalid highlighting the issue.
Ms Mai, an illiterate 33-year-old woman, was gang-raped in 2002, apparently on the orders of a village council.

I’m betting there will no apology. Shit, the guy won’t even admit he said it!

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  • raven

    Will you guys consider enlisting in a little project about an insensitive jerk?

  • FrenchKiss

    I’m not sure I get it. He didn’t say that women should get raped so that they could get rich from it, nor did he say that women were getting raped just to get rich. He said that a lot of people in his country are saying that Pakistani women can make a fortune touring Western countries like Canada, talking about the horror of being raped.
    You can read the Washington Post article. I don’t quite yet know the code for putting a clickable url in my post, but here’s something you can cut and paste into the address box on your browser
    I am not saying that she should not have the opportunity to make money telling her story, even at the expense of her country’s reputation. But there are people in every country on the planet who look for a way to get rich quick, and wouldn’t stop short of fraud to do so. This would be particlarly bad in the less remote (non tribal) regions of Pakistan where rape is a capital crime. We’ve got people here in the US where the poverty level is significantly lower, putting severed fingertips in their chili as a scam.
    I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have some degree of that, as awful as it is for all of womankind to have the credibility of rape accusations weakened. Every once in a great while we hear about a woman making up phony rape charges for whatever reason, and all I can think of is “traitor!”