Women get agro when drunk?

Okay yeah, so when a woman gets drunk and she is sexually assaulted, it is the drunk woman’s fault. Get the fuck out.
via BBC…
Are young women putting themselves in danger through binge drinking?
A large proportion of young women are at personal risk after getting drunk, a report by the Portman Group says.
The organisation which is funded by the drinks industry, says that over a third of women had been sexually assaulted while drunk and 34% had had unprotected sex after drinking.
It also found that women are more likely to become more aggressive than men while drunk.

Who are these researchers? Do they think about societal factors affecting their subject pool and blatant gender assumptions in their analysis? This article is a little more comprehensive.
And what is so bad about an agro drunk woman? Not ladylike enough?

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  • richleader

    I become more violent when drunk, but I become MUCH more likely to attempt tree climbing as well. So I think the researchers left a wide variety of options off of their check lists.

  • Jessica

    who isn’t more agressive when they’re drunk? i’ve definitely been known to lovingly pat someone on the back only to see that i’ve knocked them over. oops.

  • http://www.bitingbeaver.blogspot.com bitingbeaver

    Interesting that they mention that 1/3 of women have been sexually assaulted when drunk and then, in the next sentence, note that women are more violent than men when drunk.
    Anyone else thinking that maybe they’re not as violent as all that since they’re *still* getting raped and assaulted around %33 of the time? *shrug* Thought it was interesting.

  • http://www.bloodlesscoup.com/blog Binky Rasmussen

    A maintenance worker at a dorm told me once that while they could not officially adopt such a position, they found pot smokers to be much less of a problem than drinkers in the university residence halls. The drinkers were not only aggro but destructive and the pot smokers, well, ate cheetos and hung out.

  • stormcloud

    I know that from personal experience. I lived in dorms for 4 years. I was friends with many pot smokers.
    Generally, pot smokers are only harmful to themselves…. and really only because it makes them lethargic. They usually miss classes and eat too much and act stupid.
    While the drinkers did come in loud and start fights and break things.