Married women not having sex

This does not suprise me at all. Not to be anti-marriage girl today or anything (even though I am pretty anti-marriage), I found this study to be interesting.
Married women are more likely to have sexual problems than married men or single women, research suggests.
Researchers from University College London analysed data from a survey of 11,000 adults, giving a snapshot of what is happening in UK bedrooms.
Juggling caring for small children with maintaining a sexual relationship was highlighted as a problem by many.

Married or cohabiting women were more likely to have problems than single members of their gender, as were mothers with young children at home.
Problems cited by married women included not feeling like they were in control of decision-making in their lives, not using a reliable form of contraception, having small children around the house and not being able to talk to their partner.

David Goldmeier and colleagues, of the Jane Wadsworth Sexual Function Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, London, writing in Sexually Transmitted Infections, said: “Despite its prevalence, sexual dysfunction is often endured in silence.
“Studies in both the US and UK suggest that as many as 54% of women and 35% of men have problems, but fewer than 11% of men and 21% of women seek help.”

Again, not a study to be generalized outside its sample population, but very sad. What do we think?

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