Married women not having sex

This does not suprise me at all. Not to be anti-marriage girl today or anything (even though I am pretty anti-marriage), I found this study to be interesting.
Married women are more likely to have sexual problems than married men or single women, research suggests.
Researchers from University College London analysed data from a survey of 11,000 adults, giving a snapshot of what is happening in UK bedrooms.
Juggling caring for small children with maintaining a sexual relationship was highlighted as a problem by many.

Married or cohabiting women were more likely to have problems than single members of their gender, as were mothers with young children at home.
Problems cited by married women included not feeling like they were in control of decision-making in their lives, not using a reliable form of contraception, having small children around the house and not being able to talk to their partner.

David Goldmeier and colleagues, of the Jane Wadsworth Sexual Function Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, London, writing in Sexually Transmitted Infections, said: “Despite its prevalence, sexual dysfunction is often endured in silence.
“Studies in both the US and UK suggest that as many as 54% of women and 35% of men have problems, but fewer than 11% of men and 21% of women seek help.”

Again, not a study to be generalized outside its sample population, but very sad. What do we think?

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  • yellownumber5

    I would imagine that the population of married women would skew toward the conservative when compareed to the population of unmarried women. And, for that matter, if you have partner, you have the possibility of having a bad partnership. If you don’t, you won’t. I hardly see this as a condemnation of marriage, but rather more as a reminder that you don’t need a partner to be happy, especially considering that the wrong partner can make you unhappy.

  • bitingbeaver

    Why is it that the women in this study are labeled as ‘dysfunctional’? I mean, seriously, it seems to me that they’re ‘dysfunctional’ because they’re not being heard. That’s not ‘dysfunction’ that a frigging ‘function’.
    Dysfunction implies that there is something wrong with the functions of the person. It seems to me that there’s nothing *wrong* with these women, they’re simply acting in a normal, rational way to partners whom they feel aren’t listening to them and who feel like they have no control over their lives.
    Pretty normal to me.

  • yellownumber5

    BB, I think the article had a wide definition of sexual dysfunction because it was performed by people who wish to treat sexual dysfunction – a very big business. Really, there was hardly any information in the article at all.
    I’m pretty skeptical that there’s any kind of pill you can take to keep your kids from bugging you when you want to get it on, but hey, if we define dysfunction as the annoying things that go along with normal life, more people are going to seek treatment. Ka-ching!

  • emjaybee

    Why isn’t this titled “Overworked Married Women with No Help With Childcare and Insensitive Spouses Have Less Interest in Sex”???
    Because that’s what the study’s finding…not that marriage is the cause. BAD marriage/childcare issues are the cause. I imagine unmarried moms who are tired, overworked, and have insensitive partners/boyfriends have much the same issues…though perhaps it’s less likely they’ll stay in those relationships.
    Why not just say “Tired People Have Trouble Gettin’ it On”? That’s about as much useful info as this article presents. And hey, we already knew that, guys! Thanks!

  • flawedplan

    “Problems cited by married women included not feeling like they were in control of decision-making in their lives… and not being able to talk to their partner.”
    Jesus Christ. I call that self-induced victimhood and consider it dysfunctional all right. The women making these complaints are responsible for ameliorating them. She’s going to have to learn new things and risk losing the comforts in being weak.

  • Dim Undercellar

    So it’s the woman’s fault when she has all the control taken from her by her unapproachable husband? Niiiice.
    The more bullshit I read, the more I realize that a man can never, ever, ever be at fault for anything going on with a woman. Over at The Den, we had a couple of fucknuts say that women are only hut by rape because they overreact to it, and now we’ve got another fucknut saying it’s their own fault if they “let” a man take away their control, and it’s their own fault if he refuses to discuss it without throwing shit at her.
    So god forbid if she doesn’t fulfill his sexual entitlement just because he makes her feel weak and helpless and the only thing she thinks she has control of is in the realm of sex (silly bitch!)
    This “Treat me with respect and give me an orgasm, or you don’t get your god-granted entitlement” bullshit needs to stop ASAP. Get that woman a pill, asap. Hell, get that woman a roofie, asap. But by god, FIX HER DYSFUNCTION AND GET ME LAID! Right, flawedplan?

  • Dim Undercellar

    It’s way too early to be typing… so many typos up above that I’m cringing to read my own post. I’ll try again after work.

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