Science my ass.

I was happy to see that eight families have filed suit in response to the ridiculous intention of the school board from Dover, PA to introduce “intelligent design” to ninth-grade biology class. At the same time, I’m not happy about how intense this load-o’-crap dispute is getting.
The trial is being considered by some as one of the most significant evolution-linked legal battles in two decades.
The families’ (and backed by the ACLU) argument is that its teaching in school violates the First Amendment clause specifying the separation of Church and State. Sounds pretty solid to me. On the other hand, the attorney defending the school board argues that “the case is about free inquiry, not about a religious agenda.”
By the way, the school board’s attorney is Patrick Gillen of the Thomas More Law Center, which lists one of its core missions as “defending the religious freedom of Christians.”
Supporters of “intelligent design” claim that there is a serious controversy in the scientific community concerning the theory versus evolution. Yet the National Academy of Sciences denies this fervently, admitting that while mainstream scientific arguments do occur concerning evolution’s specifics, they still support its existence.
Meanwhile, the pro-evolution National Center for Science Education characterized the intelligent design book, “Of Pandas and People” as the beginning of the modern intelligent design movement.
I just don’t understand how a place of science, particularly pro-evolution, could legitimize this theory in any way. Let’s hope this trial ends on a more rational note.

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  • mommie4a

    Check out and link to (York Daily Register) if you want the most current and complete coverage of this case. Look under “Dover Biology.” I have no connection to the case of YDR. I’m just a blogging journalist who is extremely interested in the case.

  • AldeaMB

    I find it pretty interesting that Kenneth R. Miller, a biologist and author of “Darwin’s God” (which is about religious implications in evolution) is a practicing Roman Catholic that is staunchly against intelligent design. None of the people touting intelligent design or creationism seem to notice that there are many others like him – folks that are religious but still know fact is what should be taught in school, not dogma.

  • Dim Undercellar

    Why not Multiple Designers Theory? It’s indisputably more science-based than standard ID… I don’t get it. It’s all about TEH SCIENCE, right? TEH SCIENCE!!