Commander In Chief: Cause for celebration?

Commander In Chief
, ABC’s new show about a woman becoming president, premieres tomorrow night. And the feminists are loving it.
The White House Project is having a big premiere party in New York City, while also urging women to have their own house parties celebrating the first episode.
I’ve been apprehensive about this show (or really just the media response to it) from the beginning; it looks like I’m not the only one. Joel Stein at the LA Times started out thinking that the new drama was a little too predictable with the sexism factor:

ABC has started a fake blog about the female president, posing questions no one would ask about a man, such as “Can she balance the duties of the presidency with those of a wife and mother?”
The network has also taken out newspaper ads with political cartoons suggesting that the notion of a female president is ridiculous. In one, Davis wears a military helmet, high heels and a sash across her chest that reads “Commander in Chief.” In another, a bunch of fat cats try to bribe Madame President with flowers, jewelry and a fur coat. I was surprised they didn’t have one with Davis at the G-8 summit, squealing: “Can you believe it? Shoes from eight different countries!”

Stein does change his tune, however, and recognizes that the show is more making fun of the sexist attitudes about women and power rather than adopting them. Let’s hope so!
In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing for myself if the show lives up to the hype.

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