Cause who needs sex when you have a 401k?

I love this shit. The title says it all: Career women abandon sex for IVF.
Yes, us crazy “career women” think the sex is just icky.

Busy career women are abandoning sex and seeking inappropriate IVF treatment to have instant babies, doctors have claimed.
It is estimated that one in seven UK couples have difficulty conceiving. However, many women take up IVF treatment, before they discover this because they are simply too busy or tired to have sex.
Emma Cannon runs the fertility programme at Westover House clinic in London, which has seen a 20 per cent increase in the number of women seeking ‘inappropriate’ IVF.
She said: “People want everything now. If they can’t have a baby now, they want IVF. They think it’s no different from putting your name down for a handbag.

You mean I won’t get my kid delivered with my Birkin? Well screw that!

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  • bear

    Isn’t that really just about planning? I don’t know about the safety of IVF, but it just sounds like women increasing their chances if getting pregnant to me. Isn’t that just organization and efficiency? Especially since they, in addition to working, are probably doing the work around the house also while their husbands are playing golf or drinking down at the pub. I can’t fault them for that.

  • zanick

    I have noticed the appalling condition of research on women and gender in the UK, if your stories are any indication. What if we put all the recent conclusions together? I can’t remember whether I’m supposed to have sex or not!

  • Roni

    Oh, yes…because we all would rather get jacked up on hormones that cause our ovaries to practically explode than to have sex. That story is such a slap in the face to all the women who have endured IVF because they had to. Ugh! Some days the backlash is too much to handle.

  • puckalish

    you must understand the state of periodicals in the uk. while this is no excuse, most of the periodicals quoted are just a shade away from the weekly world news. i mean, the rag that was quoted has another story with the opening line:
    “A second failed attempt at human reproductive cloning has been reported by maverick fertility expert Dr Panos Zavos”
    so, yeah, i would take a lot of the reporting in the uk with a grain of salt.
    don’t mean you shouldn’t slap the punks who write it, but don’t write off the whole nation (i mean, even though she was margaret thatcher, they had a female prime minister, which is a lot better off than the u.s. has done)…

  • rabbit

    Seems like maybe sometimes we in the US don’t do as good a job at being able to filter out unreliable sources, because the cultural sort of ‘oh, don’t believe the National Enquirer’ doesn’t extend to ‘papers’ we’ve never heard of from other countries.

  • GamesOnline

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