Study suggests women take decline in social status better then men

This study published in the UK suggests that women deal better with decline in social or financial losses. The study seems to have several flaws(like suggesting that one reason is because women look to successful family life instead of career success for happiness) and should not be generalized outside of its sample population, but I still thought it was interesting.
Men who experienced a downward social shift were four times more likely to feel depressed than men who improved their social status, whereas there was no marked difference in the mental health between women who moved up or down the social ladder, according to research from Britain’s Newcastle University.
Women in the study were actually twice as likely to be downwardly mobile but generally avoided the depression and poor psychological wellbeing shown by men, the study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health said.

Maybe because women have had to deal with lack of access to upward mobility for so long, that they can just deal. A sad thought, but just an idea…

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