10 Year Anniversary of FWCW

The closing of the 10 year anniversary Fourth World Conference on Women (FWCW) was commemorated by the adoption of the Beijing+10 agreement. What this means is to be seen, but the gesture is symbolic at the least.
From the ChinaView…

The delcaration, with three parts, 27 items, says that representatives from governments, intergovernmental organization and civil society including non-governmental organizations, convened in Beijing from August 29 to September 1 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations, the 10th anniversary of the FWCW and the 5th anniversary of the United Nations Millennium Summit.
The document confirms the significance of holding this commemoration, saying that it laid a milestone in global women’s movement, and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action which were adopted on 1995’s FWCW.
“Implement gender-mainstreaming strategies and provide adequateresources and strong political support to national machineries forgender equality; but ensure that such strategies and machineries do not replace specific actions and programs targeting women,” the declaration says.
Meanwhile, the document claims to recognize men and boys as gendered persons and further recognize their capacities in bringing about changes in attitudes, relationships and access to resources and decision-making, encourage and support their equal participation in all activities and programs for gender equality.
More than 800 women representatives around the world attended the meeting.

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