Amazon gets frisky.

In a campaign to expand the range of their products, has recently started selling sex toys. Awesome.
It’s actually a shitload (around 37,000) of sex products, ranging from condoms and lubricants to dildos and vibrators, located in the Health and Personal Care section. Condoms and lubes have been the top sellers of the products, reaching the top 100 best sellers on the site.
So kudos to Amazon for expanding the personal care of their customers! Click here to check out the products o’ pleasure. After all, who can resist when the vibrators are decorated with daisies.

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  • puckalish

    you know… i just don’t know why penises aren’t made (sort of) like the one above… i mean… shoot… the lack of a vibrating clitoral nub on pensises kinda blows a big whole in the whole “intelligent design” theory… i mean… it wouldn’t be the most complicated mechanics…
    but if you want proof of natural selective evolution, there you go… things’d be a lot more perfect if there were a divine consciousness directing it all…
    oh, well…

  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    Well. lets see. guys have fingers. a tongue. can do grind style fucking. can use a toy on her. Can rub her clit pretty much one of countless ways, or more. Having a toy is like having that part, but not having to deal with the troubles of having it. Plus, she can use it when u are away or after you have shot your load, so its less work for you in the end.
    Does anyone know, are they also selling butt plugs??

  • Sally

    Hmm. On the one hand, I think it’s great that a lot more women will have access to sex toys. On the other hand, I worry a bit about what this will mean for smaller, overtly-feminist retailers like Flea. It’s the classic Amazon/ Tower/ Barnes & Noble-type dilemma, I guess.

  • Vanessa

    Whoa! A bit of a potty mouth, are we JJS?

  • richleader

    Hah, first feminists complained that that Amazon was putting feminist bookstores out of business (like, say, the Amazon bookstore…), and now feminists are celebrating/concerned about them putting the feminist sex shops out of business.
    Weird transition.

  • JesusJonesSuperstar

    IT is not weird at all actually. On one hand, increasing distribution is good. On the other hand, the retailers who you are loyal too.. you consider how this will impact their business and hope they are able to maintain competitiveness.
    That is not weird, it is just a trade off/dueling priorities.

  • puckalish

    i don’t think you got my point…
    oh, well…
    anyways… yeah, guys can get women off… but… it would all be a lot more fun for everyone involved if we had a vibrating nub on the tops of our dicks for better clitoral stimulation… if you don’t think so, okay, i think you’re crazy, but… okay.

  • Cat

    ‘potty mouth’? I honestly can’t see anything in that comment that is over any line not drawn by Dawn Eden.

  • Bloomberg

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