Jimmy Carter says Southern Baptists discriminate against women

Former President Jimmy Carter spoke at a Bible study at the Baptist World Congress in England yesterday, where he said that the Southern Baptist Convention is led by men who want “to keep women in their place.”
Carter also said that Southern Baptists and other churches misuse Scripture to deny women the chance to serve as ministers.
Interesting stuff…though I’d argue that discrimination against women isn’t unique to Southern Baptists.

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  • http://blog.qusan.com qusan

    Add the Catholic Church, Islam and some sects of Buddhism and I’d say that the masses want women in their place …

  • http://dedspace.blogspot.com Diane

    I’m glad to hear Carter speak out like this, but it doesn’t take away from how he betrayed the women’s movement when he was president, or the fact that he has never apologized for the betrayal.