Monthly Archives: July 2005

Good news for Pakistani women

TweetPakistan’s Election Commission says that anyone trying to stop women from participating in local government elections could face up to three years in jail. Nice! Tweet
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More Discrimination vs. Roma Women

TweetWomen’s eNews recently reported a new trend in Czech health care: the forced sterilization of Roma women. The Roma population, an oft-persecuted minority group in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, has always endured intense discrimination. But this is nuts. Turns out, at least 70 Roma women in the Czech Republic have come forward claiming they [...]
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Women in Space: A Timeline

Tweet As you may know, Space Shuttle Discovery is commanded by a woman–Eileen M. Collins. She is one of 40 women to have ever made the journey into space. NPR has a great timeline of women in space; so check out the women who reached for the stars. (Cliché enough for you? Yeah, I was [...]
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Infuriating column on VAWA

TweetCathy Young at The Boston Globe talks about “Ending bias in domestic assault law.” And what bias is that? Oh, you know–the “radical feminist” agenda of stopping violence against women. Apparently it’s the “women” part that irks Young: But underneath its mainstream trappings, the 1994 bill was steeped in a radical feminism of the “men [...]
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Reinforcing stereotypes one study at a time

TweetFrom Reuters: Forget expensive presents or costly jewellery. Wining and dining is the best way for men to woo women, scientists said on Tuesday. Researchers at Imperial College London developed a mathematical formula and modelled courtship as a sequential game to find the best way to impress the ladies. Their results show that offering an [...]
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