FDA, Bush administration favors fake tits

Today, the the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that they will approve the breast silicone implant manufacturer, Mentor Corporation, to market their product as long as they met some specific conditions sent in a letter to the company.
This is all despite the fact that most experts say that the implants are extremely dangerous and the agency has no way to meet their conditions. Looks like the FDA and Bush-appointed commissioner, Lester Crawford, have their priorities in order.
It’s also merely two years after two former Mentor employees swore that the company had made defective implants that were prone to rupture and hid the information from customers and federal regulators. Awesome.
So while Lester and his gang have dilly-dallied for way too long on their decision to approve over-the-counter emergency contraception (which now has a Sept. 1 deadline), they’re sending love letters of encouragement to approve these seriously dangerous implants. Fuck reproductive health, these ladies gots to have their defective boobs!

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