Women in Space: A Timeline

As you may know, Space Shuttle Discovery is commanded by a woman–Eileen M. Collins. She is one of 40 women to have ever made the journey into space. NPR has a great timeline of women in space; so check out the women who reached for the stars. (Cliché enough for you? Yeah, I was holding that one in for a while.)
Pic: Valentina Tereshkova; the first woman in space.

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  • elfy

    W00t! ^_^
    I am sorry if I seem like I am being nationalistic, but I get very defensive by all the talk in the West about the oppressive lives we Soviets were supposedly having. We had craploads women in positions that would have the Fundies here having apoplexies.
    As a matter of fact, I used to want to be a cosmonaut when I was a kid, and the only thing people would tell me about why it may not be a good choice was that my health wouldn’t be good enough. NOTHING about my gender.
    Sorry for getting off-topic, sort of.