Women sue over birth control patch

Ten women filed a lawsuit yesterday against Ortho Evra, the maker of the birth control patch. The suit claims that the patch causes strokes and blood clotsa claim recently supported by an Associated Press investigation.
From CNN:
The lawsuit — filed in Hudson County, N.J., Superior Court — alleges that the popular Ortho Evra birth control patch is “defectively designed” and “unreasonably dangerous.”
The suit seeks punitive damages against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (Research) and its subsidiary, Ortho McNeil, the patch’s manufacturer.
Austin, Texas-based plaintiffs’ attorney Amy Clark-Meachum said the clients listed in the suit include women ranging from 18 to 47 from Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio and Oklahoma. All have suffered debilitating long-term health problems, they claim, as a result of using the birth control patch.

Yikes. Does this make anyone nervous about hormonal birth control methods? I was a huge fan of my birth control pill, but recently went off for various reasons. I’ve been looking into natural methods (in addition to using condoms of course), but the word ‘natural’ makes me think of another word–pregnant. Though I do like the look of these cycle beads…
Any thoughts?

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