Women-only village in Kenya being attacked by jealous men

15 years ago a group of Kenyan women established a women-only community, where women in abusive situations could flee. Umojo, which means “unity” has become a very well known place, not only as being a safe haven for women victimized by violence and rape, but also for making tribal beaded necklaces that they sell for money.
In a word, BADASS!
Money started flowing into their newly-opened bank account from sales of the bead necklaces, which take three days to make.
Word spread. More women arrived, their belongings on their heads, babies strapped to their backs.
Now Umoja has a campsite, is becoming a regular stop for backpackers and lorries, has a long-running craft stall and a new 50-pupil primary school.

Unfortunately, Umojo has been underattack by local men upset with the success of the entrepreneurial activity of the community.
Turning traditional African patriarchy on its head, 15 women established Umoja village in 1990, as a refuge after their husbands’ behaviour forced them to flee their homes.
However this revolution in their midst has outraged elders in the nearest town…
Angry young men with no money in their pockets now stop minibuses taking tourists to the nearby Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves, warning drivers against stopping at Umoja.
Gangs a dozen strong have mounted daytime raids through the thorn fence circling the village, chasing the women into the bush, beating them with clubs and threatening to torch their stick-and-dung homes.

Local authorities are turning a blind eye to these offenses.
These women are more then amazing.

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