Military Pimping?

Check out this editorial in the New York Times yesterday on the dehumanization of U.S. female soldiers, specifically at Guantanamo Bay, where military jailers developed degrading behavior that followed to Abu Ghraib prison.
The author discusses a Pentagon report that was released Wednesday that described the use of “female tactics” to get information from prisoners:
“There were several instances when female soldiers rubbed up against prisoners and touched them inappropriately. In April 2003, a soldier did that in a T-shirt after removing her uniform blouse. Following up on an F.B.I. officer’s allegation that a female soldier had done a “lap dance” on a prisoner, the report described this scene from the interrogation of the so-called 20th hijacker from the 9/11 attacks: A female soldier straddled his lap, massaged his neck and shoulders, ‘began to enter the personal space of the subject,’ touched him and whispered in his ear.”
The author also puts her/his two cents in:
These practices are as degrading to the women as they are to the prisoners. They violate American moral values – and they seem pointless.
If devout Muslims become terrorists because they believe Western civilization is depraved, does it make sense to try to unnerve them by having Western women behave like trollops?”
While I’m not a fan of some of the language going on in this editorial (not only does the author refers to the women as “trollops” but says that they’re “sex workers” for the military), there’s obviously some insane shit that was being enforced there (add it to the list). At the same time, when a female soldier touches a prisoner inappropriately, isn’t it sexual assault? Can we really say that these assaults were “as degrading to the women as they are to the prisoners”? Gender aside, these soldiers are in power positions.

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