Props of the day

Let’s hear it for Tiffany Williamson, the last woman standing in this year’s main event of the World Series of Poker. She was recently knocked out in 15th place, going home with $400,000. Not a bad lose!
Williamson is the first woman to ever collect over one million chips in the World Series of Poker event, and has been the last lady o’ Hold’em there for the past two years. Despite this significance, Williamson wasn’t featured at the ESPN television table all day Thursday. While she had camera time on Wednesday, it was only because she was sitting next to last year’s champion, Greg Raymer. As Rachel Rawlings says in her blog, All in Deshou:
“So viewers can look forward this October to seeing Mike “the Mouth” Matusow being barred from the table for ten minutes at a time after the censors have to bleep his language, but won’t get to see the female all-time Main Event money-winner and the third-best-placed woman ever in the Main Event (behind Annie Duke and Nani Dollison).”
Sigh. Well, she had a fantastic run, and kicked some hold’em ass. Let’s hope that next year she’ll get the coverage she deserves. Also check out the New York Times article from Wednesday on female poker players.

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