Another “wrong guy” leaves little justice

Victor Garcia Uribe was imprisoned for the rape and murder of eight women last year in Ciudad Juarez, a city that holding hundreds of unsolved murders of young Mexican women for the past decade. Yet Garcia Uribe was released yesterday due to “a lack of evidence.”
He was sentenced to 50 years on prison for the crimes, which I must add is an absolutely ridiculous sentence. As a conviction, a bit more than ten years for each woman raped and murdered is just sickening.
His conviction was just one of 12 investigations into the murders, which many of us know have reeked of corruption. Local women’s rights groups have deemed Garcia Uribe a scapegoat, and agreed that there were no grounds to convict him.
It’s obvious that these are organized and conspired crimes committed by a group of people. And every once in a while, another scapegoat comes along to appease the enraged families and friends.
It doesn’t look like it’s working.

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