Women pose for HIV/AIDS charity in nothing but Jimmy Choo shoes, Cartier diamonds

Cause what better way to bring attention to a disease worsened by the devastating effects of poverty than to flash some bling?
Four Inches goes a long way when it comes to charity. The book features photographs of famous women, Kate Moss, Anne Heche, Sarah Ferguson, and Paris and Nicky Hilton, among them, who posed in nothing but Jimmy Choo shoes and Cartier diamonds.
…The book, published by Trafalgar Square, raises money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and features a foreword by the musician.
It was the brainchild of Jimmy Choo president Tamara Mellon, says Stanislas de Quercize, president and CEO of Cartier North America. “Everything about women is interesting to us. This book is for a woman with AIDS, women models, women photographers,” he says. “We wanted to give our support.”
Some of the models took a modest approach – Geri Halliwell covered herself up with a bubble bath, revealing only her black stiletto sandals and a diamond ankle bracelet and Elle MacPherson reads a strategically placed Financial Times newspaper – but others are true nude portraits. There’s another one of MacPherson sitting on a toilet and covering herself with toilet paper.

Holy shit. How can these people not see how fucking sick this is?

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  • http://www.ahorsemanshort.blogspot.com Brandy

    De Quercize bought the photo of Serena Williams draped in a tennis net and wearing a diamond-encrusted watch.“It’s a very good image of her talent,” he says.
    That quote gave me the creeps.

  • syllabled

    De Quercize bought the photo of Serena Williams draped in a tennis net and wearing a diamond-encrusted watch. “It’s a very good image of her talent,” he says.
    Oh are you KIDDING ME? I don’t even know how to respond to this.

  • Antigone

    At the risk of sounding Machavellian, they DID raise a lot of money for AIDS.

  • http://www.pandagon.net Amanda Marcotte

    If they are promoting diamonds made in a lab, then I’ll forgive it. If they are using diamonds from mines, it’s bullshit, pure and simple. Diamond mining is a big factor in the spread of HIV.

  • nas

    Not sure what is wrong with a few sexy pictures for a good cause?

  • nas

    Seriously. Sex does sell. There is in my opinion no problem with this. Just seems like prudishness to me. I mean, they where raising money to for a disease!! that is as good or better a cause than any i can think of

  • stephen

    How can Elton John justify raising money for his charity by persuading beautiful rich people to do camp and tasteless things in a conspicuously wasteful way and enjoy themselves in the process? He would probably argue that it’s the only way he knows, bless him!

  • susanb

    they need to be donating money instead of buying these expensive shoes. This is so disturbing to see. I know they are doing a good cause but this is not right.
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