Girl gamers on the rise (and on the screens)

While we’ve found that the percentage of female video game players in the U.S. has increased to an all-time high, an article by BBC News discusses how the impact of girl gamers is showing across the globe.
The 2005 Women in Games Conference is due to be held next month in Dundee, Scotland, where the aim is to examine why games generally appeal to a male audience (Um, it’s not obvious?). They’re also scheduled to discuss the recent growth in women players, and analyze women’s participation in computer games.
The U.S. Entertainment Software Association reported that there are presently more female players in the U.S. than there are teenage gamers. Additionally, a study by the UK’s Entertainment and Leisure Publishers Association (ELSPA) found that women make up a quarter of the gaming population. In Korea, women make up 69% of the practice.
While the conference begins its preparation, Gamestation (a popular game store) has invited the PMS Clan, the 40 best female gamers, to visit the stores across the UK for the summer. You must check out their site, these girls kick ass. Here’s their clan profile:
“PMS was born from the camaraderie of finding other girl gamers in a male dominated online gaming community. Because of the sparseness of our gender in the online gaming community and the amount of harassment female gamers are submitted to, PMS XBOX banded together to form a competitive clan at the launch of XBOX LIVE. In November of 2004 PMS PS2, was formed for the same reasons, calling out to the female gamer community for a safe and competitive environment. PMS XBOX and PMS PS2 merged in January 2005 to create the first and largest multi-platform female gaming clan.”
Fuck yeah. Keep up the good games, ladies!

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