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Alberto Gonzales: Attorney General, tit man

Tweet John Ashcroft, not so much. So it looks like women’s breasts are no longer offensive. At least for now. After more than a three year breast-ban, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has ruled that boobs are back in style: The “Spirit of Justice” and the “Majesty of Justice,” which loom over the stage in the [...]
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Supreme Court takes on another abortion case..sort of.

TweetNearly two months after the Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal involving the ridiculous parental notification law in New Hampshire, it has recently rejoined the anti-choice protest debate. Justices announced yesterday that they are going to consider whether an anti-choice group’s protest outside of a number of clinics 20 years ago may have [...]
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Female troops dying on the front lines

TweetMore servicewomen have been killed in Iraq than in any other overseas action in the past 60 years. Good thing we’re keeping women soldiers safe and out of “combat positions,” eh? Even though they are not assigned to ground combat units, 39 female soldiers have been killed in Iraq since March 2003. Four died and [...]
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“Protective orders” don’t really protect women? Thanks, Scalia!

TweetYesterday’s Supreme Court decision in the Castle Rock v. Gonzales case removed responsibility of local police departments to enforce restraining orders that protect domestic violence victims from their abusers. The case centered on Jessica Gonzales, who had a protective order against her estranged husband. When he kidnapped her three daughters, Gonzales called police over and [...]
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Let Me Play

TweetMake sure to check out this Detroit Free Press column on Title IX, and new book on the law’s history. Wall Street Journal editor and reporter Karen Blumenthal, author of Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX, says that when she grew up in the early 70s, “boys were the crossing guards…they ran the [...]
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