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A Must Read: The Missing Joy

TweetWriter Ruth Franklin at The New Republic takes on the recent barrage of books on being the bestest Mommy ever, and how hard that is, in The Missing Joy; and I have to say she does a pretty kick-ass job of it. The article is ridiculously comprehensive, discussing the so-called “opt-out” revolution, the “mommy wars,” [...]
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Abstinence-only ed: Second base action=Gonorrhea

TweetIt just keeps getting better. In a N.J. abstinence class, kids are being taught the “facts” of life in a way that’s likely to make them morons: Its main teaching tool is called “The Choice Game,” an interactive computer program with fictional teen characters in situations involving sex, drugs and alcohol. One segment involved Maxine [...]
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Most disturbing thing ever: Christian album has singing fetus

TweetA friend of mine heard about this on Howard Stern’s radio show yesterday. Truly terrifying. Lil’ Markie–a grown man who speaks and sings in a child’s voice scary enough for its own horror movie–put out an album that takes on a number of issues (horrible, horrible sins!). But it’s his gross-out hit, “Diary of an [...]
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Anorexia caused by autism?

TweetA Scottish professor says that severe cases of anorexia (are any cases mild?) in women may be caused by autism. Autism, characterised by defects in communication and social interaction, also makes many anorexic patients unresponsive to traditional treatments and may be responsible for anorexia’s low recovery rates, according to Professor Christopher Gillberg, of the University [...]
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Porn Stars in Tube Socks

Tweet What do we think of the new American Apparel advertising campaign? Perverted pornography or a break from rigid “typical (read anorexic)” advertising? American Apparel is a t-shirt/other cotton goods company well known for its very fair labor practices. The owner Dov Charney seems to be a rather complicated character, well mainly he seems like [...]
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