These boots are made for walking…and grinding?

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From The New York Post gossip section:
A Christian group calling itself “The Resistance” wants Jessica Simpson to apologize for her “slutty” video of “These Boots are Made for Walking” and re-shoot a clean version. The group objects to Simpson’s racy antics in the vid, especially because her father was a pastor and she’s a Christian role model. “It’s sad to see her whore herself out like this,” declares the group’s, rep “John Conner” (he won’t divulge his real name). “She’s a singing stripper.” The Resistance has also blasted MTV for “celebrating the homosexual agenda.”

Now I’m not into censorship, and I’m definitely not into wacky groups calling women sluts.
But honestly, this video is sooo depressing and terrible. It’s borderline pornographic, complete with Simpson washing (humping) a car in a bikini. I just can’t believe that 13 year-old girls are going to watch this.
Not to mention how Simpson has completely killed Nancy Sinatra’s original.
You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be a playin
and you keep thinkin’ that you´ll never get burnt.
I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
and what he knows you ain’t HAD time to learn.

Strut yourself, come on, hey ya’ll come on, come see something, uh huh, uh huh, can’t touch, can I get a hand clap, for the way I work my back.
Tick tock, all around the clock, drop it, push ya tush like that, can I get a Sooey, can I get a Yee-haw!

God help us.

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