Don’t you love those mornings where you’re driving to work, minding your own business, and are confronted with a lovely billboard for Newcastle Beer reading:
NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE: Not Heavy, Never Bitter. Can you date a beer?
I’m thinking of sending this to Ms.’s “No Comment” page.
Anyone else seen some sexist gems lately?

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  • karen

    Now, I would be okay with it if the text were placed with a picture of a beer-gutted, mean-lookin’ man. Without any sort of visual cue it really seems like the target of the words (“bitter” “heavy”) is obviously women. Boo on that!

  • stephen

    I thought ‘heavy’ and ‘bitter’ referred to the man! I certainly wouldn’t want to date him.

  • Amanda Marcotte

    It’s a definite stereotype of women, and is in fact one of the two official categories of women that are believed to exist on the MRA boards–fat, old, mean women and nubile, young, compliant women. Those are your options.

  • nas

    seriously why let this make you upset. Ask yourself what kind of guy would date and have sexual relations with a bottle of beer over a woman? Not a pretty picture is it.