Gots to Love Walmart

We’ve reported a lot on Walmart over the last year (mostly because they’ve done a lot of sexist shit). Here’s a little cherry on that cake for you:
Womens E-News ran a great story yesterday about Walmart’s struggle to break out of its rural, Christian mold and expand into urban areas. Turns out, their discriminatory history is catching up to them, and might actually end up hindering their success in more populated areas of the country. As the article states:
Political battles over proposed Wal-Mart stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago have demonstrated that what’s acceptable in Arkansas isn’t necessarily embraced everywhere. While the objections focused on the retailer’s low wages, hostility to unions and damage to small businesses, the discount giant’s antagonists also pointed to its [refusal to stock Plan B] as an issue.
Maybe, in an attempt to conquer more of the American terrain, Walmart will ease up on its anti-contraception stance.
Why is life always a tradeoff?

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