Abstinence-only ed: Second base action=Gonorrhea

It just keeps getting better.
In a N.J. abstinence class, kids are being taught the “facts” of life in a way that’s likely to make them morons:
Its main teaching tool is called “The Choice Game,” an interactive computer program with fictional teen characters in situations involving sex, drugs and alcohol.
One segment involved Maxine and Charlie, the teen parents. Another featured a girl named Ragana, who accepts a boy’s offer to go somewhere they could be alone. The two sit on a couch, with the boy, T.J., sliding Ragana’s sweater down her left arm.
At that point, a video narrator says: “Another critical choice for Ragana: Does she allow him to remove her sweater?”
Later in the sequence, Ragana tells her girlfriend she has contracted gonorrhea from T.J.

Nothing worse than a breast-STD.
I understand that abstinence education is about discouraging intercourse, but are they really going to take away heavy petting too? That’s just cruel.

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  • http://joshshear.com/blogjosh/ Josh

    I’m reminded of the teacher in the film Mean Girls: “If you have sex, you will get pregnant, and you will die.” Of course, a report mentioned in the Washington Post last year found that abstinence education programs in some locations teach that even touching someone’s genitals can get you pregnant, that abortions lead to suicide and that half of gay teenagers have AIDS (see my original post on this here).

  • Kyra

    I hate these choose-and-see-what-happens games! They seem to assume that the future is predictable, and determined only by big choices. I remember one that involved going to the mall with friends instead of home from school, which led to everything possible going wrong, and it completely lacked the (much more probable) outcome of getting away with it.
    They try to alter people’s perception of reality, trying to get them to believe that what happens to you is determined by how well you follow their rules.
    The universe is not a nanny.

  • nas

    you know what is interesting about this to me is this always there assumption that sexual activity of girls or even young women is always a matter of what you “allow” him to do. For god sakes maybe she WANTS him to do it!! or maybe she jumps on him and takes the initiative. This happens too. IN fact my first kiss happened this way!! My god girls are not always passive left wondering what they should “allow” but i guess the right does not want that “secret” to get out!!

  • Merideth Carleton

    Have you seen this before? It’s a number guessing game: http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/guessthenumber.html. I guessed 10851, and it got it right! Pretty neat.