Abstinence-only ed: Second base action=Gonorrhea

It just keeps getting better.
In a N.J. abstinence class, kids are being taught the “facts” of life in a way that’s likely to make them morons:
Its main teaching tool is called “The Choice Game,” an interactive computer program with fictional teen characters in situations involving sex, drugs and alcohol.
One segment involved Maxine and Charlie, the teen parents. Another featured a girl named Ragana, who accepts a boy’s offer to go somewhere they could be alone. The two sit on a couch, with the boy, T.J., sliding Ragana’s sweater down her left arm.
At that point, a video narrator says: “Another critical choice for Ragana: Does she allow him to remove her sweater?”
Later in the sequence, Ragana tells her girlfriend she has contracted gonorrhea from T.J.

Nothing worse than a breast-STD.
I understand that abstinence education is about discouraging intercourse, but are they really going to take away heavy petting too? That’s just cruel.

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