Women’s organization takes on Wal-Mart

From Reuters:
The National Council of Women’s Organizations said on Tuesday it would introduce a resolution at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. shareholder meeting to make the company offer equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.
The NCWO said the resolution would be presented on Friday by its chairwoman, Martha Burk.
“The resolution … focuses on potential discriminatory practices against women and minorities in Wal-Mart distribution of stock options and in awarding of restricted stock to employees,” the NCWO said in a statement.
“This resolution allows Wal-Mart to do the right thing — release information on stock option and restricted stock awards by gender and race to let the public know how these valuable forms of compensation are divided among employees.”

Women make up 72 percent of Wal-Mart’s employees but only one-third of management jobs; those women who are managers make almost $5,000 less than male managers, and women hourly workers make 40 cents less an hour than men.
Let’s just hope this latest venture by Burk doesn’t encounter the same insane backlash that the Augusta controversy did.

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  • racya

    My girlfriend is a manager at a local hotel. Due to upheavels in management she is managing not only teh front desk, but she’s handling catering as well. And sometimes she has to run the resturant when they are short a resturant manager. However, she makes far less than the resturant managers, or the recently fired catering manager. I keep telling her she needs to just find another job, and then when they really need her she should up and quit. Make the bastards bleed.