Sperm Rules!

Make sure to check out Katha Pollitt’s Stiffed, which takes on Viagra, Medicare, contraception and the sexual double standard.
My fave part:
And what about sex aids for women? Where’s that female Viagra they’re always promising us? Most newspapers didn’t even report that in December an FDA panel turned down Procter & Gamble’s application for Intrinsa, a testosterone patch intended to raise libido in women whose ovaries have been removed. The problem wasn’t that Intrinsa didn’t work (the panel voted 14 to 3 that the manufacturers’ trials showed a meaningful improvement in desire and pleasure); the issue was health risks as well as the potential for “off-label use” by women who had simply lost their mojo. A “lifestyle drug” for women! Can’t have that. Men, of course, have been known to use Viagra recreationally, and Viagra, moreover, is not without risk: It has been associated with fatal heart attacks and eye damage. Here’s what gets me, though: FDA panelist Dr. David Hager voted against Intrinsa. Yes, that David Hager–the right-wing Christian Ob-Gyn accused of persistent marital rape by his former wife and now under scrutiny for his secret role, first revealed in The Nation, in killing over-the-counter status for emergency contraception. Maybe there are enough questions about Intrinsa’s safety to justify the turn-down–but letting Hager vote on female sex drugs is like letting the Taliban vote on women’s hemlines.

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  • GoddessJewel

    Why does it seem like American Woman are sleeping? How do we let these things happen! I dont personally know anyone who would agree with this guy.

  • johnny_5

    You silly woman. Don’t you realise you lady-types don’t want sex? You just want to make babies and satisfy your husband’s needs, that’s all. Have some valium and a lie down and you’ll soon be over this nasty “sexual equality” nonsense.
    You know, i still can’t believe people take Viagra recreationally. It’s intended for men with erectile dysfunction.
    Just as unneeded asprin can erode your stomach lining and thin your blood, Viagra has a few side-effects:
    it can make you colour blind to blues and greens;
    it can induce headaches;
    it can induce heart attacks;
    long-term use by men with no erectile dysfunction can result in being unable to obtain an erection without it.
    Back on topic: what sense is there in giving all these men their sex drive back while leaving so many women unable to reciprocate?
    Oh, yeah, that’s right: babies. Just lie back and think of England, dear.