Women & Smoking Update

So there is good news & bad news…
The good news — The CDC announced this week that smoking among women in the U.S. has dropped below one in five for the first time in nearly 30 years. Also notable — last year, the number of people who quit smoking was greater than the number of those who still smoked (only the second time in history that has happened). Nice.
And the bad — A preliminary study, by the European medical journal Human Reproduction, found that among women seeking fertility treatment, there was no difference in the pregnancy rate between smokers and nonsmokers who lived with a smoker, but that both groups of women had less than half the success rate of nonsmokers who were not exposed to smoke at home.

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  • http://www.veronicas.org/blog Roni

    Can I tell you that it totally pisses me off when I got to feminist events and see feminists smoking? The movement goes on and on about body image, breast cancer, HPV, etc…but then some of them step out to light up a cancer stick. UGH!