Never underestimate the power of the dark side

Republicans don’t favor comprehensive sex ed for high school students, but apparently it’s a-OK by the time you’re a Capitol Hill staffer. That must be why Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma sponsored a “Star Wars”-themed STD slide show yesterday for young Congressional aides.
At the event, Coburn hypocritically advised staffers to use condoms. He has long been an anti-condom crusader.
Coburn’s STD presentation even contained a special message for the ladies. Apparently, it’s up to us alone to stop the spread of STDs:
“What would happen in this country if the young women would say no [to sex] until they’re 20?” [Coburn] asked. “Disease would go down, the pregnancy rate for unwed mothers would go down, the social costs for the next two generations would go down.”
What else can we learn from Coburn? The death penalty should be applied to abortion providers. Women with breast implants are healthier. And “rampant lesbianism” is ruining Oklahoma high schools. Plus, it’s a good idea to serve pizza to accompany a graphic STD slide show. Ewwww.

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  • Thomas

    If Coburn isn’t a true believer, than nobody is. This, to me, strongly suggests that very few of these assholes are willing to stand by their “sin and die” routine when they have to actually acknowledge the humanity of the people they’re dealing with. It’s fine to say “sin and die”, however, to theoretical women they whose lives they can damage but who they will never meet.

  • midge_ratchet

    the idea that women “saying no” until they’re 20 would eliminate std’s and unwanted pregnancies is a ridiculous cop-out. it’s an impossible theory, and i think it just lets politicians and policy-makers always have someone else to blame for the results of their refusal to make educated and effective decisions about health and prevention. plus, by saying it’s all up to girls to stop having sex, it implies there is nothing that can be done about boys doing it all the time, so by omission coburn is saying we’ll just have to let boys masturbate and have gay sex all the time, which if i remember, are both no-no’s from the “moral” standpoint of the right.

  • PseudoAdrienne

    Breast implants are healthier and rampant lesbianism?! Wow, give this man a prize for best wingnut mantra of the year. Oh, and what about young men and boys? So is it okay for boys to ask women in their twenties to have sex with them, since girls can’t have sex until they’re in their twenties? Oh the wacky-ness of these kinds of people. And yes midge ratchet; when in doubt, they blame women and our sexuality for all of society’s ills.

  • johnny_5

    I guess that’s yet another point hard-core Christians and their radical-Islamist counterparts have in common: women are the source of all evil, and men are too weak to resist raping anything that moves.

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