NPR on Fantasia’s ‘Baby Mama’

Yesterday’s Morning Edition on NPR covered the “controversy” over American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino’s song, Baby Mama.
Critics say that the song promotes teen sex and–gasp!–portrays being a single mom as a good thing. The horror!
Check out one verse:
It’s about time we had our own song
Don’t know what took so long
Cause nowadays it’s like a badge of honor
To be a baby mama
I see ya payin’ ya bills
I see ya workin’ ya job
I see ya goin’ to school
And girl I know it’s hard
And even though ya fed up
With makin’ beds up
Girl, keep ya head up

Yeah, what a terrible message to send single moms! I guess young women should be shamed no matter what choice they make about children.
NPR also has links to related articles and audio to the song.

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