Another tidbit about Iran….

This article in the Houston Chronicle says it all…
Who would have thought Iran, for decades synonymous with repression and religious fanaticism, could offer a beacon of sensible discourse for the United States? According to the government news service in Tehran, Iran’s Parliament passed a law permitting abortions in cases of danger to the mother or severe disability in the fetus. It’s the first time since the 1979 revolution that such a measure could be debated, let alone approved.
Although this move is contraversial for several different reasons, it is in stark contrast to what is happening in Texas.
Meanwhile, in Texas, opponents of abortion rights resort to tactics such as the demonstrably false link between breast cancer and abortion. The so-called Right to Know Act requires even victims of rape, incest and fetal abnormality to receive pamphlets with this misinformation before receiving an abortion. This month, the Legislature is considering an array of bills that would further restrict or rescind women’s rights to reproductive health care. In one pending bill, pregnant girls who feared physical abuse, rape or incest if they informed their parents prior to having an abortion would have to provide “clear and convincing evidence” that their fears were justified before they could get permission from a judge. Increased from the “preponderance of evidence,” this standard would require girls to produce a paper trail or other evidence of their abuse.
This article also makes the point that a country’s economic health is totally tied to a woman’s control over her own reproductive health. Interesting stuff, eh?

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  • ol cranky

    I see Texas has taken the a play from Homeland Security (which is now requiring those asking for asylum to provide written documentation from their native country to prove they are persecuted there and in danger of being killed if they return).
    I guess girls in Texas should be proactive, either get mom and dad to provide a sworn affadavit that they will, indeed, beat the shit out of them if they get pregnant, agree to videotape dad raping them and/or call the police to show up emergently 2 second prior to telling their folks they’re pregnant. Sure they’ll get beaten, but it will be worth it.

  • tfreridge

    It sounds like propaganda. They are trying to convince people that conditions aren’t as bad as we think. Maybe we can get Jane Fonda to go to Iran, just like Sean Penn went to Iraq before the war. His pre-war report on conditions under Sadaam was glowing, if I recall. I’m sure hanoi jane would come back with an equally ridiculous conclusion about Iran.