Best quote of the week…maybe the year

From the 13 year-old in Florida whose abortion was blocked by the state:
Girl: “Why can’t I make my own decision?
Judge Alvarez: “I don’t know.”
Girl: “You don’t know? Aren’t you the judge? I think if I want to make the decision, it’s my business and I can do that.”

Via DED Space.

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  • Marty

    Judge (if he had a pair): “As you aren’t able to speak respectfully to this court, I am holding you in contempt. Your fine is $250 and you will be hosted in the local jail for the next three evenings. Congratulations.”

  • Amanda Marcotte

    Men “with a pair” know that bitches need to be told to shut the fuck up when men are making important decisions, like what to do with women’s bodies, don’t they?

  • ol cranky

    I gotta admit, when I read the exchange I had the sudden urge to call Florida DCF to adopt her. She’s a screwed up kid, but she’s got moxy!

  • Jeanette

    And she’s smarter than the judge.

  • Sarah

    I posted this on ‘Bush vs. Choice’, but I’ll say it again …
    I’m sorry, we’re expecting rationality, intelligence, etc from the kind of person that would make that kind of decision in the first place?
    Well, duh. *smile*
    I love how this girl seems considerably more articulate than the judge (admittedly, we are only seeing one segment of the conversation) but still, not knowing why one’s judicial decisions are being made is seriously not a good sign.
    And of course, Amanda, we need to just shut the fuck up and meekly accept a man’s decisions about our bodies, because they know so much better what we should do with them … *goes and throws up*