XXX game empowers women?

From gaming blog Kotaku:

Wired’s Sex Drive has a short review
of porn star Jenna Jameson’s new game up. xStream3D Multimedia VirtuallyJenna sounds about as original as its name. Basically, you get to play around with a virtual dummy of Jenna Jameson that looks like some creepy plastic corpse in the screen shots. Regina Lynn writes that you can dress Jenna up and pose her and then plunge a variety of tools into her to try and get her to achieve climax. That’s the whole game. Lynn was able to get Jenna to moan a whole bunch and say she was almost there, but never landed the big O. xStream3D president says the thing is a game and that it empowers women.
The world is ready for something like this. In games like Grand Theft Auto, the women are not empowered, they’re kind of secondary citizens and have low-class roles In this game, the women are the stars. They’re powerful.
And I’m sure that’s exactly what all of the pantless men playing the game one handed will be thinking. For me, this game has all of the appeal of making sweet love to a wax dummy.

I’m glad to know not everyone thinks this game is a great idea. Ew. But I love the company pres. trying to convince folks that the game actually empowers women. Cause what’s more revolutionary and powerful than being a virtual dummy that gets penetrated?
Thanks to Roger for the link.

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