Onward Christian Soldiers

The book titles alone should be enough to get you interested (and laughing): You, The Warrior Leader; The Barbarian Way; Fight on Your Knees; God’s Gift to Women.
Jeff Sharlet, a research professor at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media, takes on the upsurge of Christian men’s books in a recent Nerve article:
…What’s sad about books like God’s Gift to Women and Wild At Heart is that they attempt to contain the mystery of that question in metaphors that translate its inherent sexuality into codes of combat, and clichéd ones at that. The “enemy,” of course, is Satan, but his names are legion: pornography, homosexuality, feminism, humanism, the monolithic foe Christian conservatives call, simply, “the culture.”
And by the way, turns out us gals don’t really like the sex so much:
In an interview with New Man, a Christian magazine, John Hagee, a popular pastor who is the author of What Every Man Wants in a Woman, explains what, in turn, every woman wants in a man (which is odd, since Hagee’s wife, Diana, is the author of a book of that name, and would have presumably been the more logical explicator): “nonsexual affection.”

Well, sure. That this is news to anyone is hard to believe. But more shocking is Hagee’s announcement that nearly every woman he’s counseled over the years has told him that “It’s really no big deal if I never have sex again with my husband.” This makes sense only if one accepts the division of identity increasingly popular in evangelicaldom: young men are knights and young women are virginal maidens, and even after marriage that formula, in a sense, continues: Men must get dirty in battle, women must stay pure at home. Sex is for the fellas.

Don’t know how much the boyfriend is going to like hearing that. Sorry honey; no more sex for me! Hand-holding will suffice from now on.
Make sure to read the whole piece…you’ll thank me for it.

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