The next logical step in cell phone technology

How many “Oh, your cell phone is on vibrate (wink, wink)” comments have you ever gotten? Well from now on those obnoxious comments will have some truth to them. Kind of.
Vibrafoon makes exclusive content for mobile phones. Our first product is the Vibrafonic. These Vibrafonics are small java applications that turn your mobile phone into a personal massaging device. Besides vibrating, they play a funny, flirty, or erotic animation or video clip. These vibrations, in combination with the visuals, give you a shaking sensation you’d never expect from a mobile phone.
Um, ok. But then I have to put it up to my ear? Don’t think so. Not to mention the “erotic” visuals are anything but (see above).
But I do have to admit, their flash ad is pretty cute.

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